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New Reader Guide: Bone

Welcome to the Austin Books and Comics New Reader Guide! We love to help readers of all ages to find comics series they will love their whole lives, and then find more great books to enjoy!


Many children and their families have discovered the epic fantasy story Bone, and fallen in love. Full of humor and heart, the series by Jeff Smith follows three cartoonish cousins: irascible scoundrel Phoney Bone, guileless goof Smiley Bone, and our hero, the introspective Fone Bone. They lead us to a valley kingdom filled with new friends, scary “rat creatures,” a mysterious dragon, and the promise of new wonders and dangers. Elementary-age children will love the expressive cartooning and find their imagination sparked for years to come as they enjoy the rich fantasy world!

Haven’t read it? Where to start?
Already smitten? What to read next?
Relax. Austin Books is prepared to take the journey with you.

You have two options for reading the main series.

The Complete Bone


In one volume, over 1200 pages, the entire saga unfolds in black and white (as it was originally published).

Bone: Out From Boneville

BONE in nine volumes, beginning with Out From Boneville.

Scholastic has produced the books in full color, in a form where each chapter is more portable for young readers.

Bone: Stupid, Stupid Rat Tails

STUPID, STUPID RAT TAILS by Jeff Smith, Tom Sniegoski, and Stan Sakai

This spin-off prequel tells a tall, tall tale of “Big Jonson” Bone, the Pecos Bill of the Bone cousins’ homeland, as he keeps the valley safe from those nefarious rat creatures.

Bone: Coda

BONE: CODA by Jeff Smith

For the 25th Anniversary of the classic series’ beginning, its creator presents a light-hearted continuing adventure of the cousins and their adorable (?!) pet rat creature Bartleby. This volume also includes all of The Bone Companion, a prose history of Smith’s creative process and the long-standing literary success that came of it.

Posted March 20, 2017 by Patrick the ABC Web Guy

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