Austin Books & Comics 40 Year Anniversary
2017 marks 40 years of your favorite local comic book store, Austin Books & Comics! In celebration of this, we’re having special weekly features including fan questions, videos, and more!

We have lots of fun stuff planned throughout the year, so check back weekly for more fun!

We recently asked, Who is your favorite comic book couple and why?

Share your favorite couple in the comments section below!

Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson
Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson

-Leslie F.

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson
My favorite couple would have to be Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. Hopefully, that will get restored at SOME point (Curse you Quesada!!!!)

-Scott R.

Jessie Custer and Tulip O'Hare
Lots of great ones on here, but I’m going with Jesse and Tulip

-Matt L.

Wolverine and Beer
Wolverine and beer

-Aaron B.

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle
Booster Gold and Ted Kord

-James W.

Thing and Alicia Masters
Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters!

-Armando R.

Lois and Clark
Lois and Clark. Always.

-Patrick H.

Reed and Sue Richards
Reed and Sue!!!!!

-Douglas R.

Bucky and Black Widow
Bucky and Nat <3

-Erin C.

Ralph and Sue Dibny
Ralph and Sue Dibny of course!!!

-Tristan A.

Robin and Starfire
Robin and Starfire

-Madeline W.

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Posted August 17, 2017