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40 Years of Austin Books & Comics! – Week 29

Austin Books & Comics 40 Year Anniversary
2017 marks 40 years of your favorite local comic book store, Austin Books & Comics! In celebration of this, we’re having special weekly features including fan questions, videos, and more!

We have lots of fun stuff planned throughout the year, so check back weekly for more fun!

We recently asked, What is your favorite superhero costume change?

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Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

It’s no secret that Captain Marvel is my favorite woman superhero (can’t wait for that movie!!!) and a large part of it is her awesome costume design from Jamie McKelvie (and later tweaked by Kris Anka). It’s modern, functional, incorporates both her military background with her high flying superhero role, and is just plain cool looking. I’m especially excited to see how it looks when the movie comes out!

-Patrick K.

Black Suit Spider-Man

Black Suit Spider-Man

Spidey’s black suit is one of the coolest redesigns ever. It’s slick and kind of intimidating (especially with Venom) but still distinctively Spider-Man.

-Steve D.

Captain America Punisher

Captain America Punisher

When the Punisher changed up his costume to honor Captain America after Civil War, it was a really cool change. Especially because he immediately went after a bunch of white nationalists and kicked righteous butt in the name of America.

-Emily S.

Iron Man Extremis Armor

Iron Man Extremis Armor

Iron Man’s Extremis armor redesign by Adi Granov was not only a great modern take on an old classic, but it helped influence the movie version of the armor.

-Bill V.

Future Foundation Fantastic 4

Future Foundation Fantastic 4

The Future Foundation version of the Fantastic Four’s costumes were really cool since they really played up the super-science/explorer aspect of the characters that had been missing for a while.

-Jay S.

Modern Captain America

Modern Captain America

One of the superhero costume changes that I’ve enjoyed witnessing has been most recent: Captain America. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the iconic value of the original especially the obvious symbolism of him in the Star-Spangled Banner suit punching Hitler, which is a very quintessential image. However, I don’t think that version of the costume would be of any help to Captain Rogers today during covert military operations; attempting to lurk in the shadows with a brightly colored suit would be futile. The contemporary design, to me, is more becoming a soldier, more practical. The patriotic symbolism is still evident in the updated suit, just not as pronounced, which again is quite logical for espionage work. Captain America is an essential character not just for the sake of the Avengers, but for the Marvel Universe, as well, so I’ve enjoyed seeing him receive a long-overdue updated costume that didn’t belie his contemporary significance.

-Pete S.

Punk Storm

Punk Storm

Storm with a mohawk. ‘Nuff said!

-Jean R.

Sam Wilson Captain America

Sam Wilson Captain America

Falcon becoming Cap was great because it combined the red, white, and blue with the functional design of Falcon’s modern suit.

-Dave N.

Tim Drake Robin

Tim Drake Robin

Tim Drake’s modern Robin costume looked really cool because the long red tights helped to set him apart as his own character from the other Robins.

-Sam R.

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Posted October 19, 2017 by Patrick the ABC Web Guy

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