Austin Books & Comics 40 Year Anniversary

2017 marks 40 years of your favorite local comic book store, Austin Books & Comics! In celebration of this, we’ll be having some new features over the next few weeks and months.

On our Facebook page, we asked fans and employees to share their all-time favorite comic storylines.

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Brat Pack

So many great comics over the years it’s hard to pick just one storyline but Rick Veitch’s Heroica universe featuring The Brat Pack and The Maximortal is one of my all time favorites!

-Corey C.

All-Star Superman
All-Star Superman; even though it is out of continuity, Morrison and Quitely’s take on the final days of the Man of Steel defined what Superman is to me and set my expectations for what I’d like to see in live-action and animation. This run also cemented Supes as my all-time favorite superhero, making this run for me nothing to sneeze at!

-Garrett E.

The Infinity Gauntlet

The Infinity Gauntlet in 1991. It was (and still is) the only company-wide crossover that made sense AND worked as a story. I was 13 when it came out. While everyone else was in line for Lollapalooza during the summer of 1991, I was at the comic book store wondering if Thanos was really going to do it or not.

-Brian C.

Ant Colony

Y’all are jerks for the -choose one- caveat but right now it is Ant Colony by Michael Deforge. Or it is Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron. Or it is Body World by Dash Shaw. Or Uzumaki.

-Jenny B.

Preacher Vol 2

Preacher: Until the End of the World. In an amazing series with some of the best character work I’ve seen in comics OR novels, this storyline was the standout. Grandma was so incredibly loathsome and hateful, Jody and TC so horrible and sadistic, they were the most fully realized villains I’ve ever read. The torments they put young Jesse through, and the sense of loss and suffering that runs through that whole arc, builds such a pressure cooker of rage on the reader’s part that when Jesse finally gets his revenge and pays back all of those old debts on his behalf and on behalf of his parents, you find yourself whooping and cheering right along with him. So many great moments. The Duke telling Jesse “You can talk the talk, BUT CAN YOU WALK THE WALK?” and Jody’s surprising last words “Prouda you, boy”, the whole thing is just a freight train of awesome.

-Jim B.

The Return of Superman

Return of Superman (after the Death, of course), it had all the elements of mystery, mistaken identity, deception, and best of all, love and humanity.

-Win B.

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Posted April 27, 2017