Austin Books & Comics 40 Year Anniversary

2017 marks 40 years of your favorite local comic book store, Austin Books & Comics! In celebration of this, we’ll be having some new features over the next few weeks and months.

On our Facebook page, we asked fans and employees if they could live in any comic location, what would it be.

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I would live in the Backstagers universe. O the wonders under that stage!

-Laura B.

Star Wars
The Star Wars universe. More of a movie universe, but there are tons of comics so it counts! I just love the great sense of scale and adventure, from dusty plains to rainy swamps to bustling cities, and all the cosmic wonders in between.

-Patrick K.

The Sandman
If I could live in a comic book universe, I would live in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman universe. I’d love to live inside Neil Gaiman’s head, but the Sandman was one of my favorite series in the Vertigo lineup and pushed the boundaries with his fantastic mythology and characters.

-David H.

Moon Batcave
This is more of a recent locale introduced into DC, but Batman’s moon bunker as introduced in the first Superman Rebirth arc!! Tons of bleeding edge tech, time to be alone and reflect and produce a bunch of work, and it’s ON THE MOON!!!

-Garrett E.

Marvel Universe
The Marvel Universe, how crazy is it that places like NYC, DC and other cities have heroes save the day and have a massive following, or heroes that have problems like us but are relatable and always come out on top, that’s the universe I want to live in.

-Mark T.

Baxter Building
Baxter Building, imagine the awesome gadgets and technology that Reed Richards might be creating and innovating. It would blow anyone’s mind!

-Emerzone C.

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Posted May 11, 2017