Welcome, back issue fans!

The classic comics crew at Austin Books & Comics has begun hosting frequent, limited-attendance events at our Sidekick location at the end of the ABC building. This is the first step to your opportunity to browse an absolute treasure trove of our latest comic book acquisitions before they’re available to the public!

Inside Sidekick we have laid out hundreds of boxes of back issues for you to browse, which we will price for you on the spot. You pick through the boxes and frequently bring us stacks of comics you’re interested in. We’re going to mark them 15%-50% off our standard pricing*. These boxes are all full of ungraded, unprocessed comics and contain tons of key issues from the 1950’s through the Modern Age. Feel free to put anything back that you don’t want. No obligations.

Due to the nature of these events, we have an extremely limited number of available spots each weekend. We simply cannot price them fast enough for an open-invitation event.

It’s an incredible opportunity to power up your comics collection at discounts we usually reserve for our anniversary sale – and we do it nearly every week!

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, email austinbooks1977@gmail.com to get an upcoming invite.

  • 15%-50% off Pricing — standard back issues ($20 and less) will be 50% off. Showcase books will be 15%-25% off
  • Only 10 people per event. You will need to have confirmation to attend please.
  • Everything is for sale — we are using Sidekick for storage on toys, magazines, and we even have a box of old 45rpm records