November 25, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
The $5 Sale


November 25th, 2017

(the day after Black Friday)

The last few $5 sales have been lame, BOO! We tried dragging out the same tired stuff leftover from the previous sales and it just wasn’t worth it. So boring, and we decided to take some time off. But… now we’ve recharged our batteries and stocked up on specially available march that is totally worth your time (and $5). We’ve accumulated boxes and boxes of awesome stuff for you to pick through, and we’re going to add some Graphic Novels and Hardcover books from Sidekick as well.

Even better, to continue the fun of the 40th Anniversary, we’re going to add a few wrinkles.

First, buy one item for $5, or get 10 for $40 (ten or more items selected for a single purchase are $4 each).

Second, we’re going to work in a carnival component. For every $20 you spend at any of the Austin Books stores (or the $5 tent) on Saturday the 25th, get a ticket good for items in our PRIZE TENT. Lots of plush and goodies for Christmas gifts.

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Posted October 16, 2017