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The Avengers

“And there came a day unlike any other, when earth’s mightiest heroes were united against a common threat! On that day the Avengers were born!” Since 1963, the Avengers have been Marvel’s premier super-team, fighting to protect the world, the universe, and occasionally all of reality.

In this guide you’ll find a collection of both classic and modern Avengers titles.

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The AvengersThe Avengers (1963)
Where it all began. Read the origins of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and their battles against the original foes that no one hero could withstand.

Avengers: Kree/Skrull WarKree-Skrull War (1972)
Written and drawn by comics legends Roy Thomas, Sal Buscema, Neal Adams, and John Buscema, the Kree-Skrull War is one of the most famous Avengers stories of all time. Centering around Kree hero Mar-Vell, sidekick extraordinaire Rick Jones, and the Avengers, this story brought the epic war between the Kree and Skrull empires to Earth. Notable for introducing the long-running romance between the Vision and Scarlet Witch, as well as the unprecedented massive scale and cast of characters.

Avengers-Defenders War (1973)
One of the earliest Marvel instances of superhero teams battling each other, the Avengers-Defenders War pitted the two teams against each other for possession of the Evil Eye, a cosmic artifact of immense power, only to discover that they had been manipulated by outside forces.

Avengers: The Korvac SagaThe Korvac Saga (1978)
One of the first big Marvel events on a cosmic scale, The Korvac Saga saw the Avengers facing down a threat of nearly limitless power. However this series was notable in that while Michael Korvac was a nearly godlike being, ultimately he wanted to help save humanity.

Avengers: Under SiegeUnder Siege (1986)
Written by comics legend Roger Stern, Avengers: Under Siege saw Baron Zemo and his reformed Masters of Evil hit the Avengers where they live, directly invading Avengers Mansion. Notable for revitalizing and establishing previously-minor villains as major threats, such as Titania and the Wrecking Crew.

The AvengersThe Avengers (1998)
Following the Heroes Reborn events of the late 90s, Marvel relaunched the Avengers as a flagship title in 1998. Written by Kurt Busiek and drawn by George Pérez, this run returned the franchise to a more old-school sensibility after years of grim and gritty edginess. Notable for numerous now-famous storylines such as Ultron Unlimited and the Kang Dynasty, Busiek and Pérez returned the Avengers to its former glory with a classic style while still moving the team to new heights.

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest HeroesAvengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (2005)
Taking place during the Avengers’ earliest years, this 12 issue maxiseries filled in the gaps between issues (or even pages), fleshing out the team’s and characters’ background, and adding a modern sensibility to the classic origin of Marvel’s premier super team.


The Ultimates

The Ultimates (2002)

Written by Mark Millar and beautifully illustrated by Bryan Hitch, the Ultimates is a modern reimagining of the Avengers as a government-sponsored superpowered strike force. Notable for its more grounded, realistic (by comics standards) takes on classic characters and concepts, “widescreen” visual style, and for inspiring the Avengers film franchise, including a version of Nick Fury modeled after Samuel L. Jackson. Note: Strong violence and adult content, recommended for at least 16 and up.

Number of volumes: 4 (collected as Ultimates vol 1-2 and Ultimates 2 vol 1-2)

Avengers Disassembled (2004)

The beginning of Brian Michael Bendis’ massive, franchise-redefining run on the Avengers. Disassembled set the groundwork by destroying and changing key elements to the Avengers franchise including killing several characters and breaking up the roster.

The New Avengers

New Avengers (2005)

A new (at the time) and different take on the Avengers, refocusing the series on more grounded, character-driven stories. Notable for being the first Avengers series to include Spider-Man, Luke Cage, and Wolverine as official team members.

Number of volumes: 13

Great Lakes Avengers

Great Lakes Avengers (2005)

Written by Dan Slott, the GLA was a team of D-List heroes based out of Wisconsin: Mr. Immortal, who cannot be permanently killed (though it does incapacitate him), stretchy-but-flat Flatman (not to be confused with Mr. Fantastic), human/dinosaur hybrid Dinah Soar, size-changing supermodel Big Bertha, and Doorman, who can access the dark dimension. After the events of Avengers Disassembled, they are soon joined by Squirrel Girl, and end up facing a universal-level threat in the form of Graviton, who has chosen Wisconsin as the site of his evil master plan as it’s not as obvious as New York. Full of action, heart, and pitch-black humor, this series was one of the first major appearances of Squirrel Girl, and recently came back into print after several years.

Young Avengers

Young Avengers (2005)

Following Avengers Disassembled, a team of teen versions of the Avengers came together: Patriot, grandson of the original super soldier Isaiah Bradley, Hulkling, a Kree-Skrull hybrid, Wiccan, reality-manipulating son of the Scarlet Witch, cocky archer Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Stature, the daughter of Ant-Man, and Iron Lad, a mysterious time traveler with powerful armor. The series finds the Young Avengers fighting Kang the Conqueror, as well as rebelling against Captain America and Iron Man over the responsibilities of superpowers.

Number of volumes: 2

The Avengers

Avengers (2010)

Following the Siege event, the Avengers was relaunched in 2010 part of the Heroic Age branding, which featured more old-school, bigger storylines. In addition to the previous lineup including Thor, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and others, this series featured Bucky as Captain America, and saw the team facing massive threats such as Thanos and Immortus.

Number of volumes: 5

The New Avengers

New Avengers (2010)

The sister series to the 2010 relaunched Avengers, New Avengers continued the street-level focus lead by Luke Cage and featured Jessica Jones, Ms. Marvel, the Thing, Wolverine, and Spider-Man, as well as bringing in mystical elements with Doctor Strange and Iron Fist.

Number of volumes: 5

The Ultimates

The Ultimates (2011)

When Marvel’s Ultimate line started in 2000, the general idea was revisiting and reimagining old plotlines with new, modern twists. When Jonathan Hickman came onto the Ultimates (and tie-in Ultimate Hawkeye miniseries), that completely went out the window. Hickman’s Ultimates run was characterized by his signature style of high concept sci-fi, meticulously detailed storytelling, and long-term plotlines. Not only did this completely shake up the Ultimate universe, it introduced numerous elements that ended up playing out in 2015’s epic Secret Wars event.

Number of volumes: 3

The Avengers
The New Avengers

Avengers/New Avengers (2013)

One of the key books of 2013’s Marvel NOW! relaunches, Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers (and later sister series New Avengers) were the very core of the Marvel Universe. Driven by the idea of “going bigger,” this series did just that, including more Avengers than ever and introducing ideas and elements never before seen in an Avengers title. New Avengers came along a few months later and focused on the Illuminati (Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Doctor Strange, Namor, Black Panther, Beast, and Black Bolt) as they work behind the scenes to stop the unnaturally-accelerated end of the universe.

Number of volumes (Avengers): 6
Number of volumes (New Avengers): 4

Starting after volume 6 of Avengers and volume 4 of New Avengers, they are both collected as “Avengers: Time Runs Out.”

Volumes available: 4

Young Avengers

Young Avengers (2013)

Relaunched as part of the Marvel NOW! line, 2013’s Young Avengers brought Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s signature brand of wit and characterization to the forefront. Incorporating previous Young Avengers such as Wiccan, Hulkling, and Hawkeye, as well as introducing new members Prodigy, Noh-Varr, Kid Loki, and Miss America, this run was met with with huge acclaim for strong characterization and style, as well as a focus on the diversity of the cast.

Number of volumes: 3

Mighty Avengers
Captain America and the Mighty Avengers

Mighty Avengers/Captain America and the Mighty Avengers (2014)

Written by Al Ewing. Spinning out of the Infinity event, the Mighty Avengers were formed when the main Avengers were off in space and no heroes were available to fight Thanos and his henchmen. Combining both street-level heroics (the Avengers hotline that anyone can call) with high-concept sci-fi (reintroducing Adam Brashear aka Blue Marvel and his explorations of the antimatter universe) as well as strong characterization and a sharp sense of humor, this series was consistently excellent from start to finish. Relaunched during Marvel NOW! as Captain America and the Mighty Avengers, the relaunched was essentially just a continuation of the previous series with some new additions to the team lineup.

Number of volumes (Mighty Avengers): 3
Number of volumes (Captain America and the Mighty Avengers): 3

Uncanny Avengers

Uncanny Avengers (2013)

Formed as the “Unity Squad,” Uncanny Avengers was the combination of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the Strangest Superheroes of Them All. Featuring Avengers Captain America, Thor, Scarlet Witch, along with X-Men Rogue, Havok, and Wolverine, this series featured the best of both worlds of team dynamics, villains, and plots from both Avengers and X-Men franchises.

Number of volumes: 5

Uncanny Avengers

Uncanny Avengers (2015)

Founded by Steve Rogers post-Secret Wars, the new Uncanny Avengers not only included members of the Avengers and X-Men, but also the Inhumans and a certain red-clad fan favorite mercenary.

Number of volumes: 3

All New All Different Avengers

All New, All Different Avengers (2015)

Written by Mark Waid, All New, All Different is the flagship Avengers title post-Secret Wars. As the title indicates, this series has nearly an all new lineup of characters, with twists on the classic lineups including Sam Wilson as Captain America, the new female Thor, Miles Morales as Spider-Man, Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel, and Sam Alexander as Nova. Waid brings his classic Avengers sensibilities in this very fun, very accessible series.

Number of volumes: 2 (to date)

The New Avengers

New Avengers (2015)

Written by Al Ewing, this series and the relaunched Ultimates are spiritual successors to Ewing’s Mighty Avengers. Bringing the same blend of characterization and humor, New Avengers follows Roberto da Costa and the newly purchased and rebranded A.I.M. (Avengers Idea Mechanics) as the work outside the purview of SHIELD and the rest of the Avengers teams.

Number of volumes: 3

The Ultimates
Ultimates 2

The Ultimates (2015)/The Ultimates 2 (2016)

Also written by Al Ewing, the post-Secret Wars Ultimates goes by the tagline “the impossible is where they start,” this series continues the crazy sci-fi elements introduced in Mighty Avengers. Consisting of Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Miss America Chavez, Adam Brashear the Blue Marvel, and Monica Rambeau, this incarnation of the Ultimates works across space and even dimensions to actively solve problems before they become threats. Their first mission? Fixing Galactus.

Ultimates 2 picks up in the aftermath of Civil War II. The team is scattered, but the impossibly huge challenges they faced before still loom large. It’s up to America Chavez, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Adam the Blue Marvel, Spectrum, and Galactus the Lifebringer to save all of reality!

Number of volumes: 2


A-Force (2015)

Spinning out of Secret Wars, A-Force is notable for being an all-women Avengers team. The team, consisting of Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, Dazzler, Nico Minoru, and Inhuman queen Medusa, are brought together by Singularity, a young girl with immense power who still retains her memories of the team from Battleworld during Secret Wars.

Number of volumes: 3

Occupy Avengers

Occupy Avengers (2016)

Super heroes – they’re a privileged class. Doing what they want, when they want and suffering no consequences. They have no regard for the ordinary people who are left behind to suffer in their wake. Who will stand up for the little guy? There is a man. If you can find him, and if he believes in your story, he and his friends will put things right. Some call them outlaws, rebels, Robin Hoods. To others, they are heroes. No powers to speak of – just skills, smarts and a burning drive to do the right thing. His name is Hawkeye. Occupy Avengers: It’s time to “Take Back Justice”!

U.S.Avengers #1

U.S.Avengers (2017)

Spinning out of Al Ewing’s New Avengers, the United States of America needs a team of heroes they can rely on. Welcome to… American Intelligence Mechanics! A.I.M. will dare any danger — no matter how awesome that danger might be — to save their nation from the wildest, weirdest threats of all! The most patriotic super-group ever is here to save the day. And they’ll do it all looking tried & true in the red, white & blue! Can you live without… the U.S.Avengers?

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