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Poll: What is your all-time favorite storyline?

There are countless iconic storylines in comics that are game-changing, character-altering, and era-defining. Which is your favorite and why? Share yours in the comments section!

Last Week’s Results:

Who is your favorite publisher and why?

Currently, my favorite publisher is :01 Second; they’ve been printing some great graphic novels of late.

-Peter A.

My favorite publisher is Image right now. They have been putting out some great stories and the variants have been limited to one or 2 for new issues. Road of Bones was a recent good read.

-David Ribeiro

Marvel by far because they have the best characters and the most relevant and interesting stories. I grew up primarily on X-Men and i still have a huge love for them.

-Dwayne Ellis Young Jr

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Posted June 17, 2019 by Patrick the ABC Web Guy

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  • Dwayne Ellis Young Jr says:

    Messiah Complex/Second Coming of the X-Men years ago. It involved so many different xmen and factions and was a story of hope literally and figuratively.

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