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Poll: What is your current favorite series?

There’s no shortage of great comics out right now, what is your current favorite comic series?

Share yours in the comments section!

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Posted March 18, 2019 by Patrick the ABC Web Guy

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  • Tim Rabroker says:

    Would have to be either the new run of Daredevil or Red Hood. Both are must reads for me when they come out.

  • Ulises Garcia says:

    Age of Xman is so good. Come on Apocalypse as a peace and love hippie. What’s not to love.

  • Bryan Spaulding says:


  • Gav says:

    Gideon Falls
    Die (Gillen/Hans)
    Ice Cream Man

  • Vishal Gullapalli says:

    Immortal Hulk is an obvious one, but Die is really blowing me away right now.

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