Everybody has that dream comic series: any writer/artist team on any character or team. What’s yours?

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Last Week’s Results:

What are your current favorite comics?

Catching up on Tom King’s Batman. I’ll be very sad when it’s over!

I’m also loving This absolutely bonkers run of Green Lantern. It’s everything I want from Grant Morrison.

-Nic Acosta

I second Kamandi. I’m a child of the ’70s and I remember that one fondly. Does anyone remember OMAC?

Right now I’m really digging Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and Miles Morales: Spider-Man. Also Ditko Spider-Man. You could say I’m on a Spider-Man kick, I guess.

-Rob Hartle

As a fan of all things Doom, I’m digging the Doctor Doom series. Also looking forward to Outlaws and hoping Marvel finally explores the the long term effects of Civil War and the SH Registration Act.

-Arthur M.

Decorum #1 blew me away. That art is nuts!

Punisher: Soviet by Garth Ennis is just a really incredible, well-written little story. Ennis is still one of the best writers working.

Undiscovered Country is a blast and a half.

Valkyrie seems to flying under the radar. Really great book.

And X-Men. Probably my favorite overall.


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Posted March 30, 2020