Many series have spinoffs, miniseries, one-shots, and more. What comics franchise is your favorite (non-Big Two)?

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Last Week’s Results:

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Hickman’s New X-Books. I’m excited to see what Hickman will do with the X-Verse over the next month. I’ll probably be picking up all of the #1’s for the new X books coming later this year.

Besides that, I’m really looking forward to The Eternals. Great Cast. Celestials Baby!

-Tom Harney

The return of Ahoy Comics’ “The Wrong Earth”! The series is being slept on.

-Phil Z.

I’m SO excited for Falcon and Winter Soldier. Sam and Bucky bickering was such a great part of Civil War, and I’m really thrilled to see Sam’s journey to becoming Captain America.

-Patrick the ABC Web Guy

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Posted July 29, 2019