Everyone has that issue that introduced them to the wonderful world of comic books. What was the first comic you read?

Share yours in the comments!


Last Week’s Results:

What is your favorite non-superhero comic?

Saga (an essential Science Fiction epic)

From Hell (Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s Jack the Ripper story and a perfect combination of History and Drama.)

Wytches (The most unforgettable horror comic I’ve read in forever, Scott Snyder and Jock’s art are the stuff of nightmares. )

Maus (Art Spiegleman’s masterpiece and THE book that really opened my eyes on what comics could accomplish as a medium.)

American Splendor (There once was a file clerk in Cleveland.)

The Acme Novelty Library (Chris Ware’s work of metafiction that should have certainly been on any listing of the 100 greatest works of fiction of the 20th Century in Time Magazine alongside Watchmen.)

Any early back issues of Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories
with Carl Barks Donald Duck stories, a timeless read for any age.)

Monstress (Just read it already, You won’t regret it.

-Charles Cunyus

“The Butcher of Paris” and “Basketful of Heads” are really good.

-Anthony Ortiz

Gideon Falls without a doubt! That smiley face dude is creepy. Add Andrea Sorrentino art. Gold!!

-Darnell W.

“Satellite Sam” by Fraction/Chaykin. Absorbing period-piece with great fast dialogue and layers of adult oriented story-line. Much like “The Big Lebowski”, the plot gets lost in the elements, but the world is so fun to get caught up in that the reader shouldn’t really care.


Black Science

-Tom Zoda

gideon falls.

Love the story and the art work. Big fan of horror and this series is simply got you questioning which way it will it go.

-David Ribeiro

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Posted May 26, 2020