Annihilation Classic TPB



(W) Todd DeZago & Various (A) Derec Aucoin & Various

Discover the origins of space’s greatest heroes, before they guarded the galaxy from annihilation! Gathered here for the first time are a selection of classic tales featuring the stars of the cosmic Annihilation sagas. Watch Bug battle Annihilus across the Marvel Universe! Witness one of the first battles between Thanos and Drax the Destroyer! Behold the artificial man Him became the hero Warlock! Quake in fear as Groot from Planet X attempts to conquer Earth! And learn the secret origins of Quasar, Nova, Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon! Collecting BUG #1, TALES TO ASTONISH #13, NOVA #1, QUASAR #1, ROCKET RACCOON #1-4, MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #6, LOGAN’S RUN #6, MARVEL PREMIERE #1.
240 PGS./Rated ALL

Cover Price $24.99

Sale Price $8.00

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Posted March 27, 2017

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